Attila Oess My team and I feel fully committed to the values of the Toyota Production System and its consistent implementation.
IMT Mission

Since its foundation early in the seventies, IMT stands tall internationally for KAIZEN, Total Quality Management, TPM, efficient operating processes, effective group work, optimal material flow, lean management and team orientation. Today IMT is one of the leading consulting companies with cooperating partners all over Europe.

IMT is not looking for theoretical concepts or solutions, but stands for “Do it”, fast and practical results through immediate implementation with total customer orientation.

From the outset of a project, people, our most valuable resource, are in the foreground. 100% dedicated employees are required for the immediate integration of results and solutions into the daily work process. Thus, the most important role for the day-to-day implementation and the continuous improvement of the process is played by the employees.

Today IMT consults with customers from many countries like India, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Turkey and others.

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