(Toyota Production System)

Productivity is one of the most important criteria for the competitiveness of an enterprise. Toyota has set standards in this field for years and is renowned for its production system and its subsystems as the most efficient and most effective company worldwide today. The Toyota Production System simply means productivity.

Improvement in productivity means identifying, channeling and improving value streams by eliminating waste (MUDA) and creating a culture of continuous improvement with social competent associates on the basis of the Toyota priciples.
IMT consultants (Sensei) were trained intensively in these philosophies, systems and methods by former Toyota managers who were members of Taichi Ohno’s team. In the meantime Ohno’s team members and IMT consultants implemented the Toyota Production system with these elements successfully and consistently in many enterprises in Europe, Asia, South America and USA.

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Your company can still improve …

Gemba/Kaizen – a must for each company that wants to survive in the fierce competition

What is Gemba/Kaizen

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Article about Productivity :
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