KAIZEN in administration/service

In administrative areas the focus is on business processes like order processing, calculation checks , accounting, payment transactions, exhibition/fair preparation, transport, purchasing, invoicing and pursuing payment claims. Also KAIZEN activities in forwarding agencies, major part trade, direct sales and distributing have been very successful
There are, however, some special characteristics. Contrary to manufacturing where you can see the material actually moving through the assembly or fabrication lines administration processes very often aren't visible. Also people in administration are not used to being timed with a stop watch which is common ground for manufacturing people. Moreover many associates believe that processes cannot be standardized, since according to their point of view every operation is always performed in a different way and therefore takes different time spans like a phone call.
In addition the kind and number of templates or written documents as well as the in/output into an electronical system is of importance and have to be taken into account.
Nevertheless KAIZEN can be applied in these areas and IMT has achieved drastic result improvements which frequently surpass those in manufacturing.

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