Lean Manufacturing

KAIZEN in Manaufacturing

Lean manufacturing means identifying manufacturing processes like machining,, assembly, welding, stamping etc., analyzing these processes with regard to inherent waste (MUDA), improving them by eliminating the discovered waste and finally standardizing these processes.
KAIZEN is always about creating autonomous and relatively waste free production systems in which employees manufacture goods and services customer oriented and responsible for quantity, quality and just-in-time delivery.
KAIZEN improvement activities are not taking place in an remote office far away from the action but always on the shopfloor (Gemba) i.e. the location where value adding takes place. In this way drastical improvements such as:

o Increasing productivity by 20-40 %
o Shortening of lead time by 70 %
o Improving quality by 20 %
o Minimizing inventory by 80 %
o Reducing set up times by 70 %
o Reducing costs by 30 %

can be achieved within shortest time like a week.

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