The productivity and quality offensive

The SIX SIGMA quality strategy has achieved great gains in quality by many companies..
On the other side the Lean Production System or the Toyota Production System has demonstrated drastic improvements in productivity.
Both systems are aiming at improving the performance of an enterprise: Lean Production by elimination of waste, SIX SIGMA by reduction of variances.
While lean production is aiming primarily at the speed of adding value under the motto “crude and quick,” six sigma is targeting the reduction of variances in a process or a product under the motto “slow and precise.”
IMT has developed a combination of both concepts – LeanSigma— in order to utilize the benefits of both methods for your company. Thereby we start with a lean initiative for the optimization of a process until we reach problems that can’t be solved with these methods any more. From there we start using the appropriate SIX SIGMA methods.

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