Logistics – KAIZEN (Supply Chain Partnering)

Logistical inefficiencies in loading/unloading, trucking, warehousing, etc., often contribute more to unrecognized waste in operations than manufacturing work itself. Being a labor-intensive process, logistics is one of the most difficult aspects of an operation to manage and is, therefore, a location where Kaizen activities are most needed, and often result in the most dramatic improvement.
The approach taken for logistics Kaizen differs depending on the targeted process:
In-house logistics (same site)
In-house logistics (off site)
Supply-chain (various material vendors involved)
In-house Kaizen activities are fairly easy to implement because effects from the outside system can be minimized and the same systems can be implemented even though outside vendors might transport materials between sites.
Supply-chain management, however, requires integration of Kaizen activities between staff in both internal and external systems. Our consultants will analyze each link of the supply chain, including multiple systems integration, and develop solutions to address each element's specific problem.
In this way the introduction of new logistics systems often replaces very complex and expensive electronic information and control systems.

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