Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

FMEA or Failure Mode and Effect Analysis is a very effective problem solving tool for risk and failure prevention in development, design and production planning processes.
The most important forms are:

Design FMEA

All conceivable and possible failures of a design are identified and the corresponding potential technical effects with its seriousness with regard to design and manufacturing are assessed. Moreover, a review is made of the actions being taken (or planned) to minimize the probability of failure and its effects or totally eliminate it.

Process-FMEA (Production FMEA)

The Process-FMEA finds its application as a problem solving technique in the area of manufacturing. The application equals that of the design FMEA. A manufacturing process is examined for all the ways in which a failure may occur and for all the remedial actions that have been taken, in order to minimize or eliminate the effect of failures.

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