Quick Response Quality Control

The QRQC approach was developed by Nissan and enriched by Valeo.
It can be implemented in several places in a company with a great deal of variation (even within Valeo Plants), so you might need to adapt it to your internal organization.
QRQC is mainly used to deal with problems on a day-to-day basis to improve shopfloor indicators (customers concerns & internal scrap rate, OEE, accident rates …).
The QRQC approach is more than a problem solving tool. It is rather a culture or mindset which is applied to all aspects of your business. It emphasizes the “top / down” approach and also utilizes the “bottom / up” approach (with regards to communication avenues). The basis of QRQC is the rapid response to a quality/manufacturing issue, whether it's an external/internal customer or a supplier.

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